Japanese Quality, German Efficiency, American Entrepreneurship

Anzen Health was founded by Michel May who worked for a decade in healthcare in the US, Germany, and Japan. Throughout his career, he experienced US boldness and its cutting edge technologies, Germany’s top-notch precision execution, and Japan’s high-quality services. While each of these environments had its strengths, it lacked in other areas. Seeing how clients struggle and how many great ideas and companies starve before the world can produce them, May decided to devote his career to closing this gap and created Anzen Health.

Anzen is the Japanese word for safety, stability, and peace of mind.


Anzen Health is a catalyst to success for clients who are committed to providing superior health to their patients.


Trust: The best medical outcomes occur when the patient trusts his doctor. We believe this is the same for the doctors and healthcare providers working with us. We pride ourselves on the transparency and accountability that allows you, the people who care for the health of society, to trust our teams and the products they produce.

Stability: Interruption in the supply chain, technical inaccuracies, and arbitrary speculation have led to a volatile market for healthcare supplies. We are your rock. What we promise, we deliver. It’s as simple as that.

Quality: Quality is not subjective and not negotiable. It is a matter of adherence to international standards and boots on the ground. When working with us you receive nothing but the best on the market.

Commitment: When working with us, our clients are regularly surprised by how much we care for their success, beyond timelines and limitations. Anzen does everything in its power to enable our clients to deliver outstanding healthcare services.