Turtle Beach Clean

Plastic pollution is one of the biggest catastrophes facing our society and our planet. However, modern medicine without it is inconceivable. Unfortunately, recycling infrastructure is lagging far behind not only production but also development trajectories. Rather than wait and hope, we want to take immediate action. Together with our venture partner, we support the cleanup of the highly polluted Okinawa, helping the environment as well as endangered marine life.

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Due to the growing crisis in India, we wish to support all those who donate supplies to the region. As supply chain experts, we know how to navigate even the worst logistical situations. We support charitable organizations and GoFundMe campaigns to help get supplies to India at greatly reduced costs if not completely free of charge.

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Anzen Health supports REaCH, a not-for-profit organization focused on finding a cure for hydrocephalus as well as educating patients and families on new treatment strategies.

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Pandemic Donations & Support

During the pandemic, Anzen Health used its expertise in the supply chain to donate over half a million masks to schools, homeless shelters, and hospitals in India, Germany, the USA, and Japan. We are also glad to help fulfill or deliver orders at a greatly reduced cost or completely free, when possible.

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