Putting Nature into Bed Sheets - Dermatological Textiles with Aizome Bedding

Textiles and skin touch all the time. Yet, when it comes to protecting sensitive skin, most people think about supplements, steroids, and creams first.

Aizome has invented a method of plant dyeing that allows the transfer of medicinal herbs into textiles. This way, they make soothing sheets for sensitive skin that are both luxurious and highly antibacterial. Aizome began as one of the most successful crowdfunding projects in Japan and now operates in the USA as well as Germany.

Anzen is a shareholder of Aizome and helps the company to revolutionize the textile industry.

You can learn more about Aizome’s technology here or visit their eCommerce shop here.

The first smartwatch for the blind - global distribution with DOT

250 million people worldwide are visually impaired -- which hinders or prevents participation and contribution.  Eric Juyoon Kim, one of Forbes' 30 Under 30 (Asia 2017) finalists, set out to change this with the first smartwatch for blind people. As a supply chain expert, Anzen helped to bring this revolutionary technology to thousands of customers in North America.

Earliest intervention with epigenetic diagnostics - distribution with Quadrant Biosciences

Prevention is a better cure. With the help of large quantities of data, preventive medicine will play a much larger role in keeping people healthy compared to treatment. Quadrant Biosciences is a cutting-edge developer of RNA-based early detection tests. Anzen Health is an exclusive distributor of Quandrant’s Clarifi Covid Test in the USA and Europe and is currently selling the most accurate saliva-based PCR Covid Test, as ranked by the FDA. As a supply chain expert with a large sales coverage, Anzen is helping countless businesses and institutions safely open to the public.

Creating a world free of pain - AI development with Nippon Zoki

1 in 10 adults suffers from chronic pain, heavily affecting the quality of their life without hope of finding medical treatment. A large part of this is due to psychological stress factors.

Modern AI-based tools can alleviate pain significantly. Anzen is an executive consulting partner to Nippon Zoki from Osaka, Japan. Together with their leadership team, we developed innovative AI-based software to help people with chronic pain to be less dependent on medical treatment.

The future of antibiotics - clinical trial funding with SRI

According to the CDC, “antibiotic resistance is one of the biggest public health challenges of our time.” Anzen has partnered with Japan-based institute Seed Research, under leadership from the visionary Dr. Morita Iwama, a veteran researcher who identifies alternative antibiotic chemical compounds with high commercialization potential.

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