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Case Study

Commercial Strategy Development

A mid-sized Japanese drug manufacturer came to us with insights into chronic pain management. While clinical trials showed promise, a path to commercialization remained unclear. Anzen helped prepare a comprehensive plan that included a prioritized product portfolio, a licensing plan, an infrastructure plan, and pro forma financials to guide our client's transition.

Procurement Optimization

A medium-sized hospital chain wanted to optimize the production of their essential supplies, such as personal protective equipment and other disposable products. We analyzed their procurement service and rearranged their vendors. After implementation, their hospitals reported annual savings in the tens of millions.

Venture Funding

A start-up with a health and lifestyle portfolio came to us interested in venture funding. We created a detailed financial cornerstone document, performed a market analysis, and conducted a market survey. Armed with a top-notch deck of investors, we secured seven-figure high-stakes funding for the now thriving company.

eCommerce Development

A team of Japanese inventors was interested in rolling out their healthcare products to an international audience. Anzen developed an eCommerce platform from the ground up, building the manufacturing and logistical infrastructure, then hiring a team of specialists and experts to run the operations.

Corporate Strategy

Working with the founder of a billion-dollar diagnostics and life sciences company, our team led an assessment of the strategic positioning and business options for the company. In addition to a thorough review of internal strengths and weaknesses, we also examined the global competitive environment, customer tendencies and trends, our client’s position, and the options for expanding the business both internally and through acquisition.

Why Work With Us?

Steve Jobs was not fond of consultants. He despised the fact that consultants come into a company making recommendations but leaving without any implementation. We agree. Unlike traditional consulting firms, Anzen Health does not consider its partnerships to be simple time-limited projects. Instead, they are subjects of both pride and reputation.

Nobody wants to be billed by the hour for a fancy presentation without substance or commitment to implementation. Clients need a partner who will act as the catalyst to their growth, success, and prosperity.

Anzen distinguishes itself in the global healthcare industry through its dedication to reliable, high-quality service and customer satisfaction across geographical regions as well as healthcare sectors.


“Pricing was fair and they delivered as promised. We look forward to continuing our relationship.”

Prof. Dr. Mantosh Dewan, M.D.

President, Upstate Medical University, New York

“Having someone you can trust when prices fluctuate and supply chains are uncertain is crucial.”

Dr. Ravi Singh

President, Great South Bay Endoscopy Center, New York

“I was sceptical if branded PPE would make a difference. After seeing how our hospital staff reacted I have changed my mind. We love working with Anzen and the service they provide is unique. I highly recommend working with Anzen for large procurement projects.”

Kelly Hartmann

Director of Procurement

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