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Wholesale Prices And Customized Branding

It’s no secret: PPE is a huge but necessary investment. At Anzen Health, we do more than just save you money on CDC-certified, high-quality protection. You can also look forward to a touch of personalized flair so your hardworking staff also feels represented.

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Order Direct From The Manufacturer And Save

The majority of healthcare facilities are drastically overpaying for PPE by unknowingly paying distributors and middlemen.

That’s why we’re happy to provide you with a free breakdown of your current cost structure, detailing where and how you can save money by buying direct.

You’ll likely get more reliable shipments, lower prices, and the exact same high-quality equipment your workplace needs to protect its staff and patients.

Planned, Branded And Delivered

Case Study: Upstate Medical

It wasn’t long ago that Upstate Medical University in Syracuse, NY was struggling to meet PPE demands as hospitalizations surged. To boost staff morale and inspire team cohesion, they turned to us to procure PPE branded with “UPSTATE STRONG” across the side – but we didn’t stop there. We analyzed their needs, exceeded their regulatory requirements, and met their delivery deadlines to establish a business relationship that’s still thriving to this day.

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“I was sceptical if branded PPE would make a difference. After seeing how our hospital staff reacted I have changed my mind. We love working with Anzen and the service they provide is unique. I highly recommend working with Anzen for large procurement projects.”

Kelly Hartmann

Director of Procurement

"We look forward to continuing our journey with Anzen Health. They are now a regular supplier to our entire hospital. I have recommended Anzen Health countless times to colleagues and friends in healthcare.”

Prof. Dr. Mantosh Dewan, M.D.

President, Upstate Medical University, New York

“Anzen Health has been an absolute pleasure to work with and those guys went above and beyond to deliver, when other companies struggled to. They helped us to fulfill orders for life-saving donations in India and the US of supplies and medical equipment. Anzen Health's team is extremely competent, creative, reliable, and fast. For procurement, manufacturing, logistics, and project execution I can give them my very highest recommendation.”

Dr. Ravi Singh

President, Great South Bay Endoscopy Center, New York

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